Upload your ESO information

Upload your ESO log file to submit your ESO information, which you can find here:

  • Download and install TESO Delve Addon
  • Start ESO and enable the addon
  • Login on a character and open/close your inventory to export items (or use /tesodelve command).
    It will only be this characters inventory and your bank that will be exported.
    Which means you'll have to do this on all your characters you wish to import
  • Logout or run command /reloadui to write to your log file
    (ESO only writes to file when reloading UI)
  • Find your log file here: Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\SavedVariables\TesoDelve.lua
    Having trouble finding your log? Find your Addon folder and it'll be a folder next to it.

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Teso Delve addon


Download TESO Delve addon by clicking on the link below, then install it into your ESO addons folder.

Download TESO Delve addon


You can now find Teso-Delve addon on esoui, so you can easily update it with the help of minion.

Go to esoui.com