Group dungeons

Name Bosses Zone
Ebonheart pact
Darkshade Caverns I 5 Deshaan
Darkshade Caverns II 6 Deshaan
Direfrost Keep 7 Eastmarch
Blessed Crucible 6 The Rift
Arx Corinium 6 Shadowfen
Ruins of Mazzatun 4 Shadowfen
Cradle of Shadows 5 Shadowfen
Fungal Grotto I 5 Stonefalls
Fungal Grotto 2 6 Stonefalls
Aldmeri dominion
The Banished Cells I 5 Auridon
The Banished Cells II 4 Auridon
Elden Hollow I 5 Grahtwood
Elden Hollow II 6 Grahtwood
City of Ash I 6 Greenshade
City of Ash II 6 Greenshade
Tempest Island 6 Malabal Tor
Selene's Web 6 Reapers's March
Daggerfall covenant
Volenfell 7 Alik'r Desert
Blackheart Haven 6 Bangkorai
Spindleclutch I 5 Glenumbra
Spindleclutch II 6 Glenumbra
Crypt of Hearts I 6 Rivenspire
Crypt of Hearts II 6 Rivenspire
Wayrest Sewers I 6 Stormhaven
Wayrest Sewers II 6 Stormhaven
Vaults of Madness 8 Coldharbour
White-Gold Tower 4 Cyrodiil
Imperial City Prison 6 Cyrodiil