Fungal Grotto 2

Fungal Grotto 2 is a 4 man group dungeon in Elder Scrolls Online and can be found in Stonefalls.

Fungal Grotto 2
Fungal Grotto 2


Pledge issued in 59 minutes


Spawn of Mephala
Viper's Sting
Dreugh King Slayer

Mephala's Fang

Mephala’s Fang is the first boss you will encounter and this fight is quite unfriendly to werewolves due to the amount of poison attacks. She comes with two humanoid healer adds that should be killed by DPS ASAP and rest of the fight involves avoiding her poison circles and her frontal poison spray. Ranged DPS is favored.

Gaymne Bandu

Ciirenas the Shepherd

Spawn of Mephala

Reggr Dark-Dawn

Vila Theran

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