About Teso-Delve.com

TesoDelve.com whole idea started with the need to organize my gear across all characters in Elder Scrolls Online, since items are account bound and not bound to a specific character you can switch gear between characters. Which means that you can do a dungeon with a character and still use the gear drops for another character which is neat according to me, although the effect of this is making my inventories a nightmare.

This gave me the idea to make a website where you can upload your character information to help you organize and sort all of your inventory so I started the development of Teso-Delve.com the 7th December 2016.

Ofcourse, as all projects it has now grown in scope, as I noticed to efficiently give you a correct view TesoDelve needed to gather more information and now it tracks traits, horse training, where sets drops and more. Yet there are loads of stuff to come still.

About Me

So, who am I? Well... I'm called Heppy by most of my friends/family and currently I'm 28 years old. I have a long history of gaming all types of games since I was a kid. I have also always had a big interest in websites and started building websites as a teenager. This interest has led to that today I work as a systemsdeveloper with a focus on the web

I'm born and raised in Sweden and have always lived here although in a few different cities. Today I currently reside the city of Gothenburg and has done that since 2013-ish.

When I don't play games, work or working with Teso-Delve.com I spend time with my girlfriend whom I live with, and if it's summertime I usually go around southern sweden on my Motorcycle which has become my biggest passion in life.

Other than that, there's not much else to say really.