Keep track of your Gear gathers all your gear and gives you a simple overview of all your gear and where you can find it.

Crafting timers

Keep track of your crafting timers, at what time locally can I start another research again?

Star sets

Star sets so you easily can see what sets you're collecting in a dungeon/zone

Character details

See a list of your characters with misc information like horse training, free inventory space, roles

11 days until ESO:Morrowind

Countdown in days until the release of next chapter of ESO "Morrowind"

Travel to Vvardenfell!

Travel to the new zone in ESO Vvardenfell, previously experienced in the game TES: Morrowind.

New Class!

Morrowind introduces the first new class in ESO since launch: The Warden!

4v4v4 Battlegrounds!

The long awaited battlegrounds finally comes to ESO for small-scale PvP action. Both ranked and unranked.


Total sets recorded


Characters using


Motifs learnt across all characters


Items found in ESO sofar